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Return of the night terrors

July 11, 2011

T minus three and a half months to the big day, and wedding planning is moving along nicely. The wedding registry is complete (it’s amazing how passionately a couple can argue about napkin rings), the invitations are ready to be dropped in the mail (thanks for the incredible penmanship that saved us calligraphy costs, Pops!), and the welcome bags are in progress (a shout-out to Oriental Trading for selling gorgeous favors and décor in a stunning black-and-white pattern at a low cost). And the night terrors have returned.

This time, they run the gamut in subject matter. In one, everyone whom we invited unexpectedly RSVPs yes, driving our receptions costs up by thousands of dollars. With no extra money budgeted for such a situation, we have no way to pay our venue, and my mother insists we must cancel the wedding. I cry, pleading that the invitations have already gone out and we can’t possibly cancel. But she won’t budge, and I must suffer public mortification and no wedding.

In another nightmare, my fiancé simply decides he doesn’t love me anymore and breaks up with me over the phone. Heartbroken, I move back into my miniscule Manhattan apartment with my former lunatic roommate and spastic cat—a gift from her sketch ball boyfriend—and sleep in a twin bed (the only furniture that would fit in my bedroom there) the rest of my life.

And then there are the anxiety dreams. The ones where I leave key items, like my dress, at home and have to wear a makeshift frock that looks horrible. Or where I miss my plane and, therefore, don’t make it to Florida in time for my wedding date. The scenarios go on and on.

I’m told these dreams are normal and become more frequent and crazier as the wedding day nears. My maid of honor admitted to having constant dreams in which she had, um, relations with a range of men, women and combinations of men and women. Her eyes light up when she talks about them—I don’t think they were unwelcome like mine. But nevertheless, they weren’t her usual dream material.

I digress.

I guess I’m curious. Are the dreams of brides-to-be manifestations of deep-seated worries or simply symptoms of the anxiety that comes with wedding planning?

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  1. September 9, 2011 9:54 pm

    I had a dream that I had forgotten to send out my invitations… And no one showed up. It was pathetic haha

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