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Phase #2 of wedding planning, or how the Dirty South, Groupon and rice milk are playing into the big day

June 26, 2011

Another month has already passed. The wedding is now just over four months away, and my head is starting to spin. The planning lull we’d been enjoying has come to an end, and we’re on to the next phase, assembling invitations, arranging wedding weekend activities and picking out registry items for our post-wedding nesting. Next up: working with the officiant to put together the ceremony, compiling a shot list for the photographer and – the best part – the music list.

I was never one of the girls who had her entire wedding planned by age 5, but my music list? That’s another story. Since I started avidly listening to a range of music around age 11, I’ve been mentally filing songs in my head for my wedding. The processional, the first dance, our entrance music as a first couple, the last song of the night – I have no less than 10 options for each. The tricky part: while I love songs from every decade of this century and almost every decade of the 20th century, my fiancé remains an aficionado of 90s rap and hip hop and present-day rap and hip hop. If it’s not by Birdman, Paul Wall or someone else from the Dirty South, he’s skeptical about whether it belongs at our wedding. To give him credit, he is very open-minded (he has to be if he’s marrying me!) and always willing to compromise, so I suspect I’ll be able to have my “Moon River” as I walk down the aisle, as long as Lil Weezy makes an audio appearance during the reception.

In between wedding planning, I’m still running. I finished my first 5K earlier this month, surpassing my goal of running the entire thing by chipping almost an entire minute off my mile. I’m now onto 10K training, with intermittent cross-training – thanks to an incredible deal I scored today.

Here, I must give a shout-out to Groupon. If you haven’t signed up for notice of their daily deals, do it! Today, I bought a month-long membership to a local gym’s 30Fit program. For only $29, I can get up to 24 semi-private (no more than five people per class), 30-minute training sessions – a $219 value! I’m not one of those people who finds good deals often, so I’m way excited about this.

Now the weight just needs to start coming off. I don’t get it. I’ve drastically improved what I’m eating and am working out more regularly and intensely than ever before. And all I do is waiver between three or four pounds. As a next step, I’m trying to cut down on dairy (try rice milk – it’s soooo good!) and meats and opt more for whole grains, fruits and veggies. Snacks have become all-natural foods – no preservatives or processing chemicals, which I’ve learned create fat in the body (and are just gross anyway, when you think about it).

Updates to follow soon. In the meantime, please send your wedding weight-loss secrets my way!

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