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THE dress

January 17, 2011

So it turns out my seemingly fortuitous nightmares were completely unfounded. I found my dress within 15 minutes of my try-on-a-thon this past weekend. It was actually the first one I tried on.

I liked it on the first try, but having nothing to compare it to, tried on about 10 others. I kept coming back to that dress. Nothing was meeting its standard. It was simple, yet adorned with all the details I had wanted. Flowy, but not overbearing for a beach ceremony. Light, but covered all my flaws. In fact, I look about 30 pounds thinner in it! (These wedding dress designers are on to something with the corseted backs. If I had the money, I’d hire someone to sew corseted backs into all my clothes. Those things create miracles!).

On top of it all, my mother cried when she saw me in it—the surefire sign it was THE dress. But it seemed too easy.

So I continued on to two other appointments and proceeded to try on about 40 more dresses and endure an hour and a half of one salewoman’s prattling on about her daughter, her loser ex-boyfriend and her new Irish boyfriend of only five months with whom she moved to Ireland, broken up only by intermittent criticisms of my “large bust” and other “problem areas.” (You would have thought I were a 600-pound Pamela Anderson with the way she carried on. I wonder what she says to women who are truly obese. “Let’s see, for a gargantuan girl like yourself, I recommend this white tent to cover up your ‘problem areas.’”) Granted, I never took Wedding Dress Salesperson 101, though I suspect they don’t tell you to repeatedly point out your customers’ flaws, but rather hone in on their good areas and find something that flatters them. Just a suspicion. The craziest part? She was about 80 pounds overweight with back problems. Gotta love it.

But I digress…the point of my post is a. I found the dress of my dreams and b. my pre-dress search anxieties were for naught. Everything worked out, as it tends to. I just need to continue reminding myself that—especially as the big day gets closer!

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