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Hand-eye coordination? No such luck.

January 13, 2011

When I was little, I took a few dance classes and loved them. My favorite was jazz—the closest to modern dance that my dance school offered. I was one of the best in the class. But somewhere along the way, I lost complete control of my hand-eye coordination. Ask me to kick and punch at the same time, and I’m rendered helpless. I literally freeze. Despite this, I still love to bust a move and am dedicated to challenging myself to try new things.

Enter 10-Minute Solution: Fat Blasting Dance Mix—a way for me to get in a strengthening and toning workout (I get very bored with strength-training at the gym) and have fun. I ordered it last week and just popped it in the DVD player tonight. The DVD is very cool. It has five 10-minute workouts that you can do individually (if you’re in a rush), all together (if you’re feeling ambitious) or—get this—you can pick the ones you want to do and build a customized workout for yourself. Tonight, I selected the beginner dance workout (yep, I looked like Elaine from Seinfeld boogeying away, but that’s all right—I was in the privacy of my own home!), the Butt & Thigh Blaster and Ab Attack to create a 30-minute workout.

I had a blast and can already tell I’ll be in pain tomorrow (not pleasant, but a telltale sign it did something). I also ordered 10-Minute Solution: Knockout Body, a collection of kickboxing workouts, perfect for those stressful days when I need to blow off steam.

Here’s to hoping I start feeling stronger and more toned. Or, at the very least, learn some good moves for the dance floor on my wedding day!


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